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Consultation Services and Partnerships

Consultation Services and Current Partnerships with Other Organizations 

Upcoming  Training Events for 2019:  
Getting Comfortable Assessing and Treating Eating Disorders, Brunswick, ME on Friday March 22, 2019 from 8:30-1:00 at the Daniel Hotel.
See link for details:


Consultation Services for both Eating and Anxiety Disorders. Consulting services provide specific training and education for professionals, parents and staff.  Consultation and training services range from 2 hours to day-long conferences. 
  • Middle and High Schools 
  • Conferences for professionals 
  • Colleges, Counseling and Health Centers, Residential Life Training, Athletic Departments 
  • Coaches and Athletic Directors
  • Substance Use Treatment Programs
  • Behavioral Health Centers
  • Medical Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics
  • Physician Groups
  • Parents and Parent Organizations
  • Community Organizations 
  • Working in partnership with Bowdoin College to provide intensive services for students in need of specialized treatment for Eating and Anxiety Disorders.
  • Bowdoin College, working in partnership since February 2017 
Working in partnership with Crossroads of Maine  offering  Eating Disorder and Substance Use treatment for women ranging from Residential treatment to Intensive Outpatient Treatment in the Portland area. 
  • Crossroads of Maine, working in partnership since 2013
  • Crossroads.org
Working in partnership with phase2parenting, an online website offering resources to parents with children serving as an advisor and writer. 
  • Phase2parenting.org    
  • https://www.phase2parenting.com/parenting-1/2018/4/11/how-to-help-your-teen-cope-with-their-anxiety 
Conferences, talks and presentations: 
  • Catchinghealth.org        
  • http://dianeatwood.com/know-about-eating-disorders/
  • Adcare Conference:  Substance Use and Eating Disorders:  Bridging Two Treatment Worlds Together with Knowledge. Co-presented a day long conference in Augusta, ME with Dr. Mary Anne Roy, Chief Clinical Officer of Crossroads, Maine. June 9, 2017