Hart Foundation Inc.
Our Services

Populations served:

Outpatient treatment and consultation services for:

- Adolescents ages 16 and older
- Adults ages 18 through 50
-Consultation Services for Families

Mood Disorders

- Low mood, chronic fatigue and depression
- Cycling moods and irritability 
-Difficulties with transitions or major life changes
-Grief, loss, or experiencing trauma
-Postpartum Depression and related issues

Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

-Feeling stressed or overwhelmed
- General feelings of anxiety and unable to access healthy coping skills  
- Obsessive-compulsive symptoms and behaviors
- Post-traumatic stress or acute trauma
- Panic attacks and panic feelings
-Specific fears and phobias 
-Body image preoccupation and dissatisfaction

Eating Disorders

- Anorexia, under eating, food avoidance of eating certain foods, rigid eating  - Bulimia Nervosa
- Binge-Eating Disorder
- Compulsive overeating patterns
- Overexercising, rigid exercising, irregular menstrual cycles
- Disordered and stressful eating patterns
-Picky, anxious eating or rigid healthy eating patterns including Orthorexia
-Not eating enough food to support your physical health
-Fear of vomiting and food avoidances such as chronic under eating
-Body Dysmorphic Disorders [seeing your body or body part as unacceptable]
-Eating issues as a result of an illness or a medical procedure.
- Issues with overexercise such as stress fractures, repeated injuries

Adjustment Disorders

- Bereavement/ Loss of a loved one
- Family changes, moves and general life transitions
- Adjustment to a physical Illness 
- Coping with a physical Injury
- Sports related Injury
- Traumas of all kinds or unresolved past trauma
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about other populations served!

Services Provided:

Oupatient Treatment Options:

- Individual Therapy
- Family Therapy
- Group Therapy
- Coaching and consulting with individuals and families. 
- Consultation services for colleges, schools, treatment facilities, coaches, and parents.
-Supervision for graduate students, medical students and clinicians
-Evaluation and assessment services
-Training services on Eating Disorders including leading conferences 

Treatment Styles:

- Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) 
- Family Based Treatment (Maudsley, FBT, Certified)
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
- Mindfulness Therapies including mindfulness training and relaxation      techniques.
-  Interpersonal Therapies
- Motivational Interviewing
-Exposure treatments for phobias
- Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)